It Works

This options see’s us working directly with Developers and Builders to sell the property off-market on your behalf. Using our network in both Melbourne and Sydney, we would present your property directly to Developers and Builders using our due-diligence and data to negotiate the best price for you.


Below we break down the costs to give you an indication of how this option looks.



Vs. Con's

Here we break down this option and provide feedback on the good and not so good.

  • Minimal cost to you; no agent commissions, no advertising & marketing costs, no architect fees and no council fees 

  • You don’t take on the risk for the DA and associated costs

  • Selling now while the market is still hot

  • Developers prefer to buy land/property without permits attached. This gives them freedom to produce a development that is more in line with their company profile

  • This option allows you to secure a sale in a short period of time

  • We are in the box seat when negotiating. The negotiations will be on your terms as you hold the asset

  • You won’t have the exposure of a full online campaign

  • No access to agent databases

  • You won’t have the emotional auction process that can drive prices up

  • Limits your market reach

  • We avoid going to auction where the end result is unpredictable 


We really like this option, to begin with. We have a strong network of developers in Melbourne and in Sydney that we believe a deal could be brokered through. We would present your property with the required due-diligence and supporting data to developers and builders to promote the sale. From our experience, off-market properties still deliver strong results as we’d have tight deadlines aimed at builders and developers to progress with the sale. From our discussions with agents on the ground, development opportunities are far and few between, so we believe we could strike the right chords when opening up discussions.


If we don’t have any luck through this avenue, the next step would be to engage an agent and look to sell the property off-market through their network. This would come at an additional expense to you as you would need to pay agents commissions on the sale. We believe, that a strong push to sell this off-market through our network is the best approach initially. 

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