Doing our 

Research. Research. Research. We are thorough in our discovery of growing markets whilst maintaining the integrity of your brief. 

Our Process:

We start with a macro approach to the Australian market, then qualify each state against our pre-requisite markers. We then determine the best regions within these markets that best match your purchasing criteria.


We hand select our preferred markets using the following (but not limited to) indicators (we have benchmarks for each identifier to accurately score each region).

If a particular area passes our benchmark score, we then take a deep dive into the suburbs within and extract as much information as possible through our subscriptions, estate agent contacts, reports, local councils and site visits. Three key indicators we like is planned infrastructure, public transport links and areas affected by the 'ripple effect of growth'.


Property cycles can also play an important role in picking a region to buy. For reference,
below is what we identify as being the stages 
of the property cycle:

A full cycle generally takes approximately 10 years, and ideally, one full cycle will see the price of property double. You are looking to build a portfolio over the coming years with solid blue-chip investments. This is, buying under market value properties in affordable areas where we can manufacture equity and strong organic growth. We build a base now so that in years to come, we can be more aggressive with our approach and look for the robust high yielding x-factor investments. This, however, can't be done, before you lay a solid foundation of blue-chip growth properties.​

Our Purchase  

We are big advocates of purchasing houses - not apartments - in gentrifying regions of major capital cities that are within 15km of the city CBD. If your budget does not allow us to purchase with these pre-requisites, then we look to major regional cities with good access to a major capital city via public transport, planned infrastructure and not reliant on one economic driver. We would be purchasing within 2km of a regional CBD if that was the case.

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