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In this section, we take a closer look at the region North West of Brisbane CBD so you have a true understanding of the area and its surrounds. We digest the data that matters and take a look at the lifestyle elements that make North West Brisbane the region it is.


The current Premier of Queensland is Annastacia Palaszczuk, the head of the Queensland Labor party. Annastacia become premier of the state in 2015 and was recently re-elected in the last election which took place in December 2017. Annastacia’s top priority in her new term is job creation and employment growth. This would bring about population growth and a greater demand for housing.  

The Numbers

<Based on Ashgrove>





Increasing/Decreasing Population

The population has increased since 2011 by 0.94%


Vacancy Rates

3.6% of properties in the region

are unoccupied. We don't like the rate to be above 2% 


The vacancy rates in the region

have remained steady since 2015


Example Purchasing Feasibility




Average Days on Market 

65 days on average to sell a home


Auction Clearance Rates



Ratio of Renters to Owner Occupied

28.4% are renters / 71.6% are owner-occupied. We prefer renters to be under 35%. More owner occupiers generally mean properties are better looked after in the area and greater demand for tenants if for an investment


Supply vs. Demand

DSR (Demand Supply Ratio) score of 58. The DSR is a number out of 100 that gauges the demand relative to supply for a residential property market. We look for this to be always over 50. 60 is great, 70 is excellent


Housing Affordability

(Asset to Income)

24.84%. This is the percentage of the household income that goes towards paying a mortgage. We like this to be under 40%


Monthly Household Income



Recent Sold Price Range

Un-renovated: $750k - $1.1m

Renovated: $1.6m +


For Sale Now (Online) 

Houses - 39


Median House Price 

Combined - $983k

3-bed - $759k

4-bed - $1.023m


Median Rent & Gross Rental Yield 

$550 / 2.9%


Last 12 Month Capital Growth



Renovation Potential

Yes. Opportunity to add value in two common ways; 1. Cosmetic, 2.Extension with an additional bedroom


Public Transport

Train to CBD - 17 mins

Bus to CBD - 15 mins

Car to CBD - 10 mins

The North Brisbane Region


The suburbs in this region that we like and would target are Ashgrove, Red Hill, Paddington and Wilston. These are all located in the North West of the Brisbane CBD and in close proximity to Brisbane Airport.  

We are going after a really solid blue chip region within 4-5km of the Brisbane CBD. This region still boasts great access by public transport into the CBD, however, has a really nice suburban feel to it. The suburbs all nestle to the North of the most desirable private school in Brisbane, Brisbane Grammer and Brisbane Girls Grammer. 
Housing in the region is quite simply - amazing Queenslanders. The majority of properties in this region are smartly renovated, which gives you a fair indication that the streets, houses and general area is well looked after and is always looking great.
What we like to do:
Buying in Brisbane on your budget allows us to get into the best suburbs, on the best streets with the best views. Quite simply, we are chasing Queenslanders that present amazing character, that are unrenovated and have city or district views or the potential to gain city or district views if extending/adding to the property. The property would provide an amazing owner-occupier appeal in its current condition, but seeing past this, has the ability to be turned into a beautifully renovated inner city home. 
It is important to note, vacancy rates in this region are albeit slightly higher than what we would normally like, however, combating this comes in the form of purchasing a property that is desirable and purchasing the property under the conditions that we have a longer settlement period and ability to show prospective tenants through the property during that settlement period.

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