It Works

This approach is as per our initial proposal and involves arranging the architectural plans to be drawn up, lodged with the council and then selling your property with a permit attached. 


Below we break down the costs to give you an indication of how this option looks.

Agents commission:
$2M = $40,000; $2.5M = $50,000; $3M = $60,000; $3.5M = $70,000; $4M = $80,000

Vs. Con's

Here we break down this option and provide feedback on the good and not so good.

  • Provides clarity to prospective builders and developers

  • Saves developers time by not having to go through the process

  • Helps buyers visualise what can be achieved on the site

  • We’ve taken on the risk, which means there’s no risk for any prospective buyer

  • The property would achieve a higher sale price.

  • Additional costs associated with design and lodgement of DA

  • Developers generally don’t like to purchase properties where there is an approved DA attached. They prefer to manage the design process as they have their own style and key indicators to work towards. This would then mean we are reducing our target audience

  • The lead time of 71 weeks could affect the sale price as the market is cooling

  • Uncertainty at final sale price by going to auction

  • The cost for the DA is outlaid and the property may not sell

  • Current regulation changes mean the number of units that could be squeezed onto the site is reduced

  • The risk of unforeseen additional fees during the DA process

  • Reference the case study for 31 The Avenue, Balaclava. What is your appetite for risk to proceed with a DA in a cooling market?


This is the obvious option in this situation and will most likely - but certainly not guaranteed - produce a great result. However, when we weigh up the timings and cash outlay vs. the other two options, we believe you would be better suited to look past this option in the short term. As you will see in our recommendations with the other two options, we prefer to sell directly to the developer.


If we are unsuccessful in selling the property through our network, then we would recommend engaging an agent and selling directly to their network of developers and builders. Again, if this is unsuccessful, then we would recommend this option as the plan B.

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